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Welcoming A New Team Member

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

At Rob LeMay Consulting

Recently Rob LeMay Consulting has been constantly busy working with clients and expanding with an immense amount of potential. In response to the growth and the accomplishment within our company, we have decided to make a change. Recently, Rob LeMay Consulting has added a new position to the team. This position is an internship position and has been filled by 17-year-old, Sawyer Radermacher. Sawyer has been working with us now for almost 8 weeks. He adds value to our team with his profound work ethic, matured and lively character, wonderful storytelling, and his ability to consistently provide professional-level work.

Sawyer grew up in the Twin Cities metro area. Throughout his childhood, he has experienced and grown from several taxing events. Sawyer has worked tirelessly to come out of these life events a better person. Some of his hobbies include working out, playing guitar, working on cars, and spending time with family and friends. If he’s not at work, school, or doing any of these hobbies you can probably find him volunteering.

Recently graduating from high school as valedictorian, Sawyer already has nearly 60 college credits. These credits have been earned from North Hennepin Community College and the University of Minnesota through the PSEO Program. His resiliency has allowed, and motivated him, to be where he is today. This fall, Sawyer will be attending the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. His goal is to receive a major in “Marketing”, accompanied by minors in, “Communications” and “Business in Healthcare.”

Sawyer is a capable digital marketer with the potential and character to make a change. Rob LeMay Consulting is fortunate to be able to add Sawyer to our team. We are all looking forward to seeing where Sawyer can take himself, and the company, through this internship program.

Rob LeMay Consulting is a digital marketing agency based out of Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Rob LeMay Consulting conducts all facets of digital marketing strategy and execution, including websites, social, email, writing, and content creation, all while providing outrageous value coupled with industry-leading subject matter expertise.

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